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two to tango

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4/23/10 01:07 am

01 had a convo with my dad this morning and he said that my wisdom tooth wont grow until im about 30. WTH right

02 just did company research. hopefully tmr's interview will go smoothly.

03 tasha's leaving for downunder for further studies on the 1st of May. had her farewell party just now and i swear i was so friggin happy to see her and hanif and his sexy hair. *panas


4/22/10 02:33 am - about time

01 proud to say my holidays are not that bad. every week or so something comes up, impromptu or not, its helluva fun. good thing the mother is not complaining that im not working. *thumbs up

02 graduation is less than a month's time. ive never been so happy, ever, cause i actually survived 3 years of youshldknowbynow. some may say im so wasted but there are some people who actually know what they want to do in life much later than others. and i dont think they're smarter in a way, but just luckier. some need more time to think and decide carefully while others just follow the crowd. i wanna be a person who enjoys doing my job even at the age of 40 or forever. ok i take back the forever.

03 can 60,000 friggin dollars just drop from the sky now right in front of me so i can enrol in that super tempting course in rdi already?!

04 im very sure its the wisdom cause the mouth isnt feeling any comfortable at all for the past few days. if it is, make it after the 19th of next month cause i wanna have my buffet.

05 adimls are the best when its in new york. im bias like that but heck.

06 beatbox boy just rock my world big time.*melts

3/16/10 11:33 pm

appal: to fill or overcome with horror, consternation or fear; dismay

3/11/10 01:47 am

the sartorialist

01 check that out! those accessories are mad awesome. i want sommathose.

02 my mom gave away the luggage me and my sister went looking for around the house to my aunt's maid when she left for home. i was so pissed. AND it was the nicest one we had. 

03 off we(sister, cousin and i) go to Vietnam tomorrow with a not-so-nice luggage. *cringe

04 ive got a new life skill and it comes with a license. 

05 KL trip next month. finally a show after sooooooooooo long. of course im gonna squeeze in some holiday. oh SS had a meeting just now and i swear i miss you guys like alot eventhough it was short and some people were close to 2 hours late. its not over yet cause we'll def continue this sunday. hopefully.

06 have to be ready by 630 and im still not asleep. no wonder those eyebags...


im ready to let loose. to whoever i confided in, thanks for making me think guys. it took me long enough to finally decide. come to think of it, id almost forgotten there was such a thing. insyallah i will be fine. NOW, holiday or what?!

3/1/10 01:05 am - HOPE

until someone tells me to stop, i'll wait until the ants extinct

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